Local Big Island artist, designer, yoga and meditation teacher, Calley O'Neill creates custom wedding ceremonies reflecting the fondest hopes and dreams of the couple to be wed, in the style of their own choosing. Calley opens a sharing with the future husband and wife, which allows time for the couple to design a wedding of depth and heart, expressing the core of their love in this, the sweetest and most sacred of all ceremonies.  

Whether you want a civil or spiritual ceremony, your wedding ceremony will be a truly memorable personal experience. These thoughtful wedding ceremonies are stress free, peaceful, deep and wondrous! Relaxation, presence and meaning are the key ingredients that Calley fosters.

 The process begins with an in-depth questionnaire by email, and the ceremony develops through e-mail, phone, and personal sharing in a meeting with Calley prior to the ceremony.   In your planning, please keep in mind that the completed questionnaire must be received by Calley no later than two weeks prior to your wedding date.  

In past weddings, Calley has included Christian customs, Jewish traditions, Hawaiian ways, poetry, readings, lots of music and the spirit and beauty of nature.  

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Should you choose to add elements of the local Hawaiian culture, Hawaiian style weddings may include Calley's chanting a short traditional chant, an exchange of floral/foliage leis, a woven lauhala marriage mat, a toast of the Earth's purest water from the coconut and blessings by sea salt or seawater.

The flavor and style of your wedding, including lightness and humor, stories and readings, music and song are derived from the couple's personal vision and expression, wishes and desires. Some couples choose to write their own vows, even though they choose to repeat them. Others choose to repeat traditional vows, which are sacred, simple and beautiful in Calley's respectfully edited version. 

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There is a $385 fee for elopements and small ceremonies, and a $585 fee for large weddings, wherein Calley choreographs the order of the ceremony and skillfully directs the rehearsal with your music, processional, ceremony, and recessional. This makes yours a stress free fun rehearsal dinner.

There is a $100 non-refundable deposit required to confirm your wedding date, payable by Paypal, Venmo or call Calley at (808) 987-7003 with credit card.

Calley’s fee includes travel within the Waimea, Honokaa, and South Kohala areas.
Hilo Weddings: Add $250 (3-hour round trip)
North Kohala Weddings: Add $75 (1.5-hour round trip)
Kona Weddings: Add $100 (2-hour round trip)
Volcano Weddings: Add $350 (4-hour round trip)
Oahu, Kaua’i, Maui, Lana’i: Add round trip airfare, a $500 travel fee, plus a per diem of $125/day.

Calley is happy to accept fabulous barter offers, ESPECIALLY AIRLINE POINTS!

MARRIAGE LICENSE  Click HERE for Marriage License Application info and forms
Please be aware that according to Hawai’i State Law, it is the couple's responsibility to procure a Hawai’i State Marriage License prior to the ceremony. Both bride and groom must be present to apply for a license, which is good for up to one year, only in the State of Hawai’i. You must have an appointment. While this can be on your wedding day, I recommend doing it earlier. No blood tests or physicals are required. There is no waiting period.  Calley will send you the link and simple instructions on obtaining your wedding license, once the planning process has begun.

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Studio:  (808) 885-0609



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Calley O'Neill, Sunset Love Wedding in progress
Sunset Love 
Weddings & 
Vow Renewals
with Calley O'Neill

Patience isn’t always a virtue!

While waiting well over an hour for a bride to get ready, I asked the photographer thrice, “Are you certain you will have enough light?” 
Yes, yes, yes. I was so patient.

Still waiting for the bride, while the rain and wind kicked up. By the time we drove off to chase the sun, the sun had set. The crazy winds were kicking up sand with no time to regroup!

We did the wedding in the pitch dark, with my phone as a flashlight so I could see the ceremony.  We held it in humor and grace, but it was not ideal.

On behalf of your special, peaceful ceremony, it is essential that you and your party are dressed and ready one hour prior to the ceremony or photo session. All pre-wedding photography needs to be complete at least fifteen minutes before the ceremony. The stress of missing sunset and the light
isn’t worth it.  Be ready early so you can cruise and relax.

This is Hawaiian time…

 In vow renewals, a full ceremony is created, which becomes an energetic renewal – a remembrance and rekindling of the depth of love and experience that the couple has already shared and the times they have weathered through love. The process is the same as wedding design.

Calley spares no time and energy in creating a wedding or anniversary vow renewal that will always be remembered by the bride and groom, their family and their guests. Thus far, everyone who has experienced one has said they have never been to a more deeply meaningful or beautiful ceremony.