(as you want it spoken, traditionally first, middle and last) 
 (as you want it spoken, traditionally first, middle and last) 
Date, Time and Location of Wedding - 
Email Addresses: Bride and  Groom
Home City, State,  & Time Zone
Groom's mobile phone number
Bride's mobile phone
Click here to print: May we suggest that you print a copy of the worksheet, and when you have your thoughts in order, fill them in on the online form, and submit them directly to Calley by email.

Be aware that leaving this page at any time will lose all your typing, so if you need to leave in the middle, simply submit what you have;  Please fill in your contact info each time, so we can keep your information all together.

Another option would be to fill in the printed sheet, then SCAN and email  it to Calley 

Bride's and Groom's Parents' Names: (Seen and unseen, all those that you want acknowledged and spoken)
Do you have children, and if so, what are their names and ages?  Will they be in attendance?
Grandparents you would like mentioned, alive or in spirit
All other names of important friends or family members to note -- please state their relationship to you.  Are they present at the ceremony?
Names and noted ones of honor and their relationship to you, i;e. Maid of Honor, Best Man, etc.
Wedding party participants, and their relationship to you
Religious Affiliations (both if different; if so, which applies?
If  you please, what is your name or word for the Divine?
What is the religion and culture of your upbringing?  What cultural traditions and rituals would you like to include?  Would you enjoy the honoring/including the Hawaiian culture, nature and LOKAHI, the oneness of the Divine Source, nature and humanity?
How many guests will attend the ceremony?  Will they be seated?
Have they traveled a long distance?  If so, where from?
Will the ceremony be held indoors or outdoors?  Generally, will it be formal and traditional, or personal?  Time of day?
Do you have a preference for my dress or its color?  (I usually wear a floral Hawaiian-style dress  Special requests are fine, with the couple providing the requested dress)
Will there be a written ceremony page for the guests (program)
(not necessary, but an option to consider)
Please take time to sit down and relax and take some special quiet time together to envision the ceremony, the feeling you long for, the atmosphere, the words, the time of day, the setting, the vows, the joy of the occasion...and then respond in writing with any and all thoughts and visions that come to you, so that I can see what you see.
This can be done with the blowing of the PU to the 7 directions, or the ringing of bells or a song or a call prior to the processional, that indicates sweetly to all that your arrival is about to commence.  Please think about your preferences and write them here.  Also, note where your Best Man and Maid of Honor and Family will be standing?
Will there be a processional?  What will be the order of the processional?  Have you chosen music?  Live?  Will the bride walk with a family escort?  The groom?
A beautiful tradition In Hawai’i that I highly recommend is the exchange of leis, symbolizing the beautiful sweetness of love, and the passing of time. Will you offer each other leis? Will you offer your parents or children leis? When there are only 15 or so guests, the couple often buys leis for each person. The fragrance alone makes the ceremony memorable
How would you like me to welcome your guests, open the heart of the ceremony, and speak of marriage. Contemplate the feelings, and traditions… and any words you would like to offer. It is the personal magic of you two that I want to reflect. Would you like the story of your first meeting told?  

I highly recommend a minute or two of silence to feel Hawai’i, gather everyone's energy and align our intentions to create a sacred space. This works, even with very religious or conservative guests. Are you open to offering this as a time for a silent renewal of vows for all present? If there are words describe what this union means to you, offer them! Describe why you are choosing to marry and why at this time.

If you are pregnant or have children, young or older, would you like the children acknowledged and blessed?  Has the forthcoming birth been announced previously?  Are the children to be present?
Do some research and poetry nights! Do you have prayers, poetry, verses, or short readings to offer, and friends or family to read them? Do you have family traditions you wish to honor and uphold? Do your parents want to offer prayers of importance to them for you? (This only takes a minute and can really help parents feel your marriage is blessed.)
Names of songs/artists? Live? I know wonderful Hawaiian singer/guitarists/ukulele players if you wish to have one. On your phone? Music is wonderful:
1.As a processional to open the ceremony
2.As a musical interlude after the silence,
3.People who want more music can choose a song to play before the vows. (One couple actually chose 7 songs.)
4.As a recessional as the ceremony closes.

Please note: The couple provides the music and device must be qued up and ready to go.
Do you want Hawaiian music, your favorite music or a mix?

There are several classic Hawaiian wedding songs such as The Hawaiian Wedding SongSomewhere Over the Rainbow/Beautiful World, and I love Keali'i Reichel's The Road that Never Ends** as it creates sacred space for Hawai'i beautifully and quickly. There are many Hawaiian love songs. Of course, there are countless fabulous love songs in many genres that work beautifully ~ what is your play list? Have fun with this.

** Listen to this on the video on the margin of this page...

Do you wish to speak from the heart of your intentions, or write some for me with which to shower trhe rings with blessings.  Some couples like to pass their rings around to have each guest present touch and offer their own personal blessing upon the rings.
I have beautiful uplifting vows to whisper to you! Or, will you write your own vows? This is a wonderful thing to do for some, and more couples are taking this on. There are infinite possibilities. Listen to your heart…your humor…your love. Do you want to repeat after me (for many, the least stressful), speak them from the heart (delightful, requiring spiritual courage and panache) or read them (I will take your vows and insert them in to the ceremony and hand them to you at the right moment.)   Some bring them on their phones… paper seems more elegant than pulling out your device.
What will the Bride's name be?  If your name will not change, the pronouncement acknowledges that by speaking it.
Very brief closing prayer. . . requests welcome.  The Apache ideal is perfect for this.  Do you know it?  This is terrific when spoken in unison by everyone present.


Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be shelter to the other.
Now you will feel no cold, for each of you will be warmth to the other.

Now there is no more loneliness for you.
Now you are two bodies, but there is but one life before you.

Prepare now to go eventually to your dwelling place.
To enter into the days of your oneness and meaning.

And may your days be good and long upon the earth.
Go in Peace.
:  Will you have a recessional? Will there be a shower of rose petals, small flowers or sesame seeds? 
Would you like to toast with the purest, most nutritive water on Earth; water that literally has never touched the ground?  This can be done immediately after the presentation and before the walk or just after the signing with your two witnesses in a slightly different location?

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 Print Japanese
Sunset Love 
Weddings & 
Vow Renewals
with Calley O'Neill
Why did you choose the day of the week, this date, and this place?
Tell your Hawai'i story / connection/desire
Name & Contact info for your photographer (For suggestions, see our Wedding Team page -- but not now, lest you lose your work)
Time of photography session - 
Name and Contact for Floral Designer - (For suggestions, see our Wedding Team page -- but not now, lest you lose your work)
Name and Contact for Musician - (For suggestions, see our Wedding Team page -- but not now, lest you lose your work)
Place of Ceremony - include address so I can plug it into  my GPS, just in case.
Will either of your last names change?  Please tell me all about that.
Will any of your parents be present at the ceremony?
If so, who?  Full names, please
Will any Grandparents be present at the ceremony?
Please ask each other? What are the 7 most important qualities of your relationship that you love? Please write them down…humor? Respect? Play? I highly recommend the Seven Blessings, inspired by a beautiful Hebrew wedding tradition. It gets the people involved. Are you open to 7 family members or friends offering a one-sentence blessing based on the relationship qualities that energize you together. After each quality blessing is read, everyone present responds in unison ~ "WE BLESS THIS MARRIAGE". This invokes a truly special feeling in the ceremony.  
The pronouncement acknowledges either a name changing, or both names remaining the same, which more couples are doing out of respect for birth names. You must decide before you fill out your license application.