Over the past ten years, everyone who has experienced one of Calley’s ceremonies has said they have never been to a more deeply meaningful or beautiful ceremony.  Calley knows that each ceremony is an honor to write and officiate.   She will treat you with genuine love, interest and respect. 
    Calley creates custom wedding ceremonies reflecting your fondest hopes and dreams, including any and all elements, stories, prayers and details that have heart and meaning for you.  Whether you want a religious or spiritual ceremony, the result will be profound and memorable.  
Sunset Love 
Weddings, Civil Unions & Vow Renewals 
by Calley O’Neill
on the Big Island of Hawai’i
Calley invites clear communication with both of you, which allows time for her to design your wedding - the sweetest and most sacred of all ceremonies. The process begins with an email questionnaire, and develops through e-mail, phone and personal sharing.  This gives you a chance to imagine the ceremony you want and remember the thoughtful touches.  The process gives Calley time to design your ceremony in a way you will never forget.  These unique wedding ceremonies and vow renewals are stress free, peaceful and wondrous!  Relaxation, joy, lightheartedness and personal meaning are the key elements that Calley fosters.       
The Process of Creating Your Ceremony

Calley O'Neill, Sunset Love Wedding in progress
Sunset Love 
Weddings & 
Vow Renewals
with Calley O'Neill
In past weddings, Calley has included Christian customs, Jewish traditions, Hawaiian ways and always the silence and spirit of nature.  Hawaiian style weddings may include Calley's chanting, Hawaiian music, an exchange of leis, a woven lauhala marriage mat, a toast of the Earth's purest water from the coconut and blessings by sea salt or seawater.  The flavor and style of the wedding, including lightness and humor, stories, Bible verses and readings, music and song are derived from the couple's personal vision, history, culture and expression.  You may choose to write your own vows or choose sensitively written traditional vows, which are sacred, simple and beautiful.  

In vow renewals, this ceremony does inspire a rejuvenating spark – a living remembrance of the depth of love and experience that the couple has shared.

License and Fee
      Calley spares no time and energy in creating a wedding or renewal that will be remembered by the bride and groom, their family and their guests.  Calley is a minister of Universal Life Church and licensed by the State of Hawai'i (License # 00-104) as a wedding officiant.  Calley’s fee is $375.00 for your small custom wedding or vow renewal, or $475 for a large wedding, where Calley choreographs and documents the order of sounds, music, processional, ceremony and recessional, and directs the rehearsal.